Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top 5 Things I Miss & Learned!

Peace. Love. Hugs. Cupcakes. (hand from the Cannes Film Festival Walk)
We had a whirlwind day in Amsterdam- Van Gogh museum and lots of walking in the rain. As we're settling in for the night, I'm writing my last blog post for this journey.

I thought I'd do the Top 5 things I've missed about home. And, the Top 5 Things I've Learned on this trip.
Why I Love Home
5. Ice. Cold. Water. Europe does not give free ice-water at meals. Any water is requested, and paid for by the bottle. It is also not very cold. Seems like a small thing, but after many days of walking around hot, sweaty, and dehydrated, there's nothing I desire more than ICE - filled water. 

Triumphantly throwing away the t-shirts I've worn
EVERY day on this trip.
4. My clothes at home! I have not enjoyed living out of our suitcase for the past 34 days. I have not enjoyed recycling through the same 5 shirts every week, not having any cute accessories or shoes. Slightly materialistic? Yes, but I just can't help myself. I am a girl.

3. My bed. My home. My couch. My shower. My home. My home. My home.

2. My family and friends. Colette has been a wonderful travel partner, but I've missed my parents and staying at the lake house. I've missed all the time to catch up with friends I always seem to neglect during the school year. I miss my Pickles!!! My sweet baby bird.

1. Ryan. Please allow me a few written lines of sappiness. I miss my boy. He's wonderful and sweet, and I couldn't be happier with him in my life. I've never missed someone like this before, and these 35 days have been tough without him. I can't wait to be with him again.

What I've Learned This Trip
Eiffel Tower at midnight
5. I have an awesome camera. Seriously. The moments my camera has been able to capture have been amazing! Whether it's rainy or late at night, my camera can get shots that Colette's legit Olympus can't. Awesome Christmas gift- thanks Mom and Dad!

4. I like nature and silence. Don't get me wrong- I love music, and I love talking with friends. But, sometimes, there is nothing more peaceful to me than being surrounded by nature and silence. I am relaxed when I am in nature and there are no other sounds. Whether I'm on the beach and can only hear the wind lapping on the shore or in the mountains picnicking with the sound of the wind, I feel so at peace.

3. I'm excited to begin teaching again next month! I have loved my vacation, and it was well needed. Having done work for my new Course Leader position on and off throughout my trip and reading professional development books, I couldn't be more excited to begin the new school year. I am ready to be an even better teacher and continue to professionally grow!

Ready to Travel!
2. I've got the bug. The Travel Bug. I love exploring so many different countries, so many different kinds of cities, villages, and towns. Meeting new people and seeing how others live. Making new, wonderful friends along the way. I can appreciate so much more about the world I live in, about my own world. I learn more tolerance and patience. I learn more acceptance of others. I love learning about new cultures and the history of the places I visit. It's a constant learning opportunity, and I relish every minute of it.

1. I am so blessed. Time and time again, I have felt so reminded of all of the blessings I have. Great family. Great pet Pickles. Great boyfriend. Great friends. I've got my own home and a wonderful job that I love. I have the stability and security to stave my travel bug's needs. I have the support and friendship in my life to make me happy. I have everything wonderful in life right at my fingertips, and I do my best to appreciate every second of it.

My cousin, Lisa, in the Antibes market
Brad and Sheri, Tour Buddies, enjoying Swiss fondue
Frolicking in the Alps

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